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The wafer, “thin sheet made with flour, salt and water, which is used as a cover or as a base on some candies”; according to the dictionary, it has been a lifetime with us. For us, laminated, or transformed into a wafer flower, it is an essential element that decorates and give flavor in a different way, to a part of the cake.
The wafer can both, accompany a decoration of a cake with flowers or butterflies or leading the role of the decoration thanks to the licensed wafer discs. It’s been many years trusting on it, giving them new colors, new shapes, styles, textures or sizes. All these innovations, translate into novelties that dress up your cakes.
Given that the high temperatures and low relative humidity are key factors that can dry up the wafer, therefore below we expose the optimum conditions for conservation:
Optimum storage conditions:
a) Maintain the product at a temperature between 20 – 25C. The wafer is highly hygroscopic so should NEVER be stored out of their original packaging, thus avoiding that the product becomes unusable.
b) The wafer should be kept in conditions of humidity between 60-75%, if these conditions are not implemented, the wafer can dry up and become bend.
You can view our range of wafer by clicking the following link Dekora wafer. We hope this information is useful.

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