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Always faithful to our innovation policy we present a new line of products for cake decorations, confectionery or cake design made in Gummy.

What is the Gummy?

It is a …jelly candy with a very smooth texture and intense flavor that allows great detail on the design, that we apply to cake decorations and lollipops.

Its conservation has to be taken into account throughout the whole process until it reaches the final consumer to ensure that the product retains the conditions from origin.

There are special conditions very important to prevent structural changes and design in the products. The essential condition is that the temperature of transportation and storage of Gummy products must be in between 15 and 25 ° C, as indicated on the label, and never exceed 30 ° C. thus avoiding the risk of the product to melt and lose its shape.


You can see our full range of items Gummy by clicking here.

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