Enjoy Summer with Dekora!!

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HELLO SUMMER!! We love this time of year when everything seems more relaxed and we have more free time to enjoy ourselves at the pool, at the beach or in the mountains. Nonetheless, here… Read more »

Halloween-Christmas Confectionary Brochure 2018

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We present our New Confectionery Brochure with all the New Products for Halloween/Christmas. It can be downloaded by clicking on the following link: HALLOWEEN-CHRISTMAS CONFECTIANERY BROCHURE 2018.pdf For Halloween, we’ve chosen “candy toys” such as Lanterns with… Read more »

Cupcakes World

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The Cupcakes world is still very popular within the Creative Pastry. One of the best characteristics of cupcakes is its versatility because you can use them as a dessert, to decorate candy bars,… Read more »

Birthday Candles

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As it turns out, putting candles on birthday cakes is a tradition that has been around for a long, long time. It can be traced back to the Ancient Greeks,… Read more »

Paw Patrol, Novelties!!

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In our recent Retail Catalog 2017 we have incorporated many new Paw Patrol products, both for Confectionery and Home Baking. We highlight our new Cool Fan, Candy Dispensers, Skye coinbank,… Read more »