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Last week, on the 5th and 6th of June, we held a Professional Pastry Making Workshop on our premises, led by Amador Castillo and Raúl Asencio.

Raúl Asencio drew on his own experience to share with us the key points that a pastry maker needs to take into account if they want to launch their store across social networks, the internet, etc. For Raúl, social networks were crucial to the growth of his business and enabled him to expand on the services he provided, such as sweet tables, chocolate fountains, and the sale of Panettones.

Momento de Raúl explicando


Raúl and Amador Castillo, a fellow pasty-maker, prepared sweet and salad specialties which were used to complete the catering table, the end goal of the Workshop. A great working rapport between the two pastry chefs was evident throughout and this meant that attendees not only learned, but they also enjoyed the good atmosphere created among them.Raúl y Amador


We should also take this opportunity to thank those who attended the Workshop since over the course of the two days our Workroom was full, and their questions, comments, and stories meant that space was created where we were all able to learn from each other.


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