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In Spain and Portugal Mother’s Day takes place on the first Sunday in May, but in the UK it takes place in April. And in the rest of Europe, it takes place on the second and last Sunday in May.

Without a doubt, it is an important date for everyone, as all countries have a date dedicated to this celebration.


Tarta Día de la Madre 2019


Dekora does not miss this chance to offer you a range of products so that you can decorate your creations, be it cakes, tarts, cupcakes or desserts.

Click on the image and download our product catalogue:


Productos de Pastelería Día de la Madre



In this product sheet, we wanted to bring together decorations specifically for Mother’s Day, but in our Professional Pastry Catalogue you will find a lot more products such as sugar flowers, wafer and chocolate decorations.


Professional Pastry Catalogue 2019_1



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