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Unicorns are mythological creatures in the form of a white horse with a horn. They have always been thought of as having magical powers and, according to legend, as being stronger than any other creature, even managing to overpower elephants.

From mythological creature to Brand:


It’s safe to say that recently, Unicorns have become one of the “brands” with the greatest international reach. They’ve made their way into almost all sectors, such as fashion, cooking, cosmetics, stationery, baking, etc. In this Cosmopolitan magazine article, you can discover a series of products created with this “brand” that show how these magical creatures are taking over the entire world:


Always up-to-date with the latest trends, Dekora has created its own range of Unicorn products for professional pastry, cake design and confectionery.

A range that includes everything from kits for making and decorating cupcakes:

Ref. 339252 Kit capsules cupcakes + toppers

Ref. 339252 Kit Capsules cupcakes + paper toppers


We also have a PVC Unicorn figurine which is ideal for decorating cakes as it’s suitable for contact with food:

Ref. 347168 Set PVC Unicornio

Ref. 347168 Set PVC Unicorn


Another new product is our edible sugar disc for decorating cakes. This round disc measures 29.5 cm and comes rolled up. It’s simple to use as its mouldable and easily adapts to any cake:


Ref. 236004 Placa azúcar comestible UnicornioRef. 236004 Unicorn sugar plate for cakes


Click on this link to take a look at our full range of Unicorn products:


Unicorn products for cake decoration





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