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Years ago we wrote a post about how to best preserve a cake with wafer decoration. We decided to dig it out again due to the number of people who keep asking us about how they should preserve a cake which contains wafer, whether it is discs or in some of the different designs we have at Dekora, such as butterflies, flowers, sprinkles, etc.

Let’s not forget either that Dekora can provide you with the wafer paper ready to print and customise your designs. You can use this paper to decorate cakes and biscuits and to make flowers. Remember to use only edible colourings to make these prints, which you can find by clicking here.

Keeping in mind that high temperatures and low relative humidity are key factors which can dry out the wafer, below we outline the optimal conditions for its preservation:

Optimal storage conditions:

a) Keep the product at a temperature of between 20 – 25ºC. The wafer is highly hygroscopic so it should NEVER be stored out of its original packaging. Otherwise, it will become unusable.

b) The wafer must be kept at a humidity of between 60-75%. If not, the wafer can dry out and curl.

Check out our wafer range by clicking on the following Dekora wafer link. We hope this information is useful.

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