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At Dekora, we are aware that each professional needs a range of specific products and services that add value to their business. Let us tell you how we can help you.

There are many ways to put the icing on the cake

There are many ways to put the icing on the cake

Our aim is to help pastry and cake designer professionals to innovate and offer their customers the best products. We are constantly expanding and adding to our incredible ranges such as: wafer flowers, cake decorating discs, fondant, food coloring, equipment, chocolate decorations, etc.

Licenses and Top Characters

Licenses and Top Characters

The youngest members of the family love to celebrate their holidays with their most beloved characters. At Dekora, we’re aware of how important this is. And we keep up with the latest trends so that our catalogue always includes licenced products with the most influential and most in-demand characters.
One of the most important license in the world is Disney. Among our products you will find edible disks for cake decoration, birthday candles, cupcake capsules, and many more products that will bring a special touch to the celebrations of those milestones.

Inspiring celebrations

Inspiring celebrations

We like to be part of all celebrations, whether formal or informal and for whatever reason... The most important thing is to enjoy them, that is why we have the most up-to-date licences and the most popular products: lollipops, candyfloss, chocolate bars, chocolate eggs, toys and candies, money boxes, etc. adapted to each season of the year: Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter...

Celebrations and campaigns

Discover our product ranges for every season of the year and for life's landmark celebrations. These products are meticulously created because they make us feel part of your most special moments.

Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day

These are special days when love takes centre stage and celebrations are held around cakes that are brimming with feeling.

Weddings, christenings and communions

Events held throughout the year with mouth-watering cakes and very special sweet tables.

Easter, Halloween and Christmas

These are the year's most exciting campaigns, where the desire to share moments with your loved ones comes across on each table with magical cakes and sweets.