1. GENERAL INFORMATION about the www.dekora.es Web Site.

In compliance with the provisions of Law 34/2002, of 11th July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, users of the www.dekora.es web site are hereby notified about the following General Information:

  1. www.dekora.es is the official web site of the company DEKORA INNOVA, S.A.U.

This web site has been created and is maintained at the request of DEKORA INNOVA, S.A., as the legal holder of all the domain names that directly lead to it.

DEKORA INNOVA, S.A.U. is a legally established Spanish company registered in volume 1252, folio 11, sheet A-4262, entry 12 at the Alicante Trade Register.

DEKORA INNOVA, S.A.U. is a Spanish business company with VAT number A- 03247160.

  1. To all intents and purposes of Law 34/2002, of 11th July, DEKORA INNOVA, S.A.U. hereby notifies its users that the company’s registered office is:


C/Florin, Plots 30-39. Pol. Ind. las Atalayas.

03114 Alicante

  1. Users of this Portal may establish a direct and effective communication with DEKORA INNOVA, S.A.U. by written communication sent to the address given in point 2 of this general information document, or by using any of the following means:

Tel.: +34 965 94 30 33

E-mail: dekora@dekora.es


2.1.- Industrial Property

The name “Dekora”, the graphic trademark-name “Dekora Innova, S.A.U.”, as shown on the home page of this web site, as well as other distinguishing signs (names, graphics and graphic-names) that also appear on this web site are protected by the current regulations on industrial property.DEKORA INNOVA, S.A.U. has the right to use them in economic trade, whether by holding specific licensing agreements that authorise it to develop determinate products or by acquiring them from third parties, official licensees, that commercialise them.

Their use by third parties that do not have specific authorisation is therefore forbidden.

2.2.- Domain names

The domain name “www.dekora.es” and all those which are used to directly enter this official site are the property and exclusive use of DEKORA INNOVA, S.A.U. Any illegal use made of them in economic trade will mean an infringement of the rights granted for its registration and will be prosecuted by law.

2.3.- Copyright

2.3.1.- The contents, texts, photographs, designs, logotypes, images, sound, videos, animation, recordings, computer programmes, font codes and, in general, any intellectual creation on this official site, as well as the actual and overall site as artistic multimedia work are copyright protected by the Intellectual Property law.

2.3.2.- In accordance with the foregoing, DEKORA INNOVA, S.A.U. holds the exclusive rights to reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, and any other capital rights on the items indicated in the foregoing paragraph, without prejudice to their authors’ respective moral rights.

2.3.3.- Any computer programmes or files which are not the property of DEKORA INNOVA, S.A.U. and are freely accessible for users to download from different pages of this site, to enable their access are exempt from this protection. These are, in any case, public domain applications at the express wishes of their authors.

2.4.- The right to legal action.

The user of this web site undertakes to respect the above-listed rights and to avoid any actions that may harm them. Breach in the contents hereto and, in general, any infringement in the peaceful possession and ownership of these exclusive rights shall be prosecuted by Spanish and international law.

DEKORA INNOVA, S.A.U. hereby expressly reserves itself the right to exercise whatsoever civil or penal actions to protect its legitimate Intellectual and Industrial Property rights.


3.1.- For contents:

3.1.1.- Information: own and third party information shown on the “www.dekora.es” web site is provided “as is”, without any kind of guarantee regarding its accuracy and updating. DEKORA INNOVA consequently assumes no responsibility for possible damages which their use may cause.

3.1.2.- Errors: regarding the particulars of the above paragraph, the documents published may contain technical inconsistencies or involuntary typing errors, for which DEKORA INNOVA assumes no responsibility. DEKORA INNOVA apologises for any such errors and will undertake to correct any irregularities as soon as possible and will welcome any comments, amendments or suggestions in this respect which users may send by e-mail to dekora@dekora.es or by completing the form in the section Customer Service or Contact.

3.1.3.- Hyperlinks: some links, with or without advertising contents, in this Web Site allow the user to leave the official page of DEKORA INNOVA. Unless otherwise indicated, the linked sites are not related with DEKORA INNOVA, which assumes no responsibility for the contents that the user may access by reason of such links nor any modifications that are introduced in them, or the use made of them, or their technical availability.

In any case, DEKORA INNOVA, in concordance with its regulations on linking with independent web pages, undertakes to do everything possible to avoid links with sites of illegal contents on its Web Site, which promote illegal activities and, in general, which are liable to attempt against the principles of freedom and human dignity, infringe values and rights recognised by the Spanish Constitution or injure third party goods or rights.

As soon as it has effective knowledge that the activity to which those links remit is illegal or liable to injure third party rights or goods, DEKORA INNOVA will immediately adopt measures to eliminate them or invalidate their use.

3.1.4.- Modification in contents: the information, the presentation and the services offered on this web site may be subject to periodic or specific changes, which DEKORA INNOVA shall be free to introduce, but it shall be under no obligation to notify this to its users.

3.2.- For the functioning of the Web Page:

3.2.1.- Privacy: DEKORA INNOVA does not guarantee absolute privacy in the use of this Web Site, because the possibility that unauthorised third parties may have knowledge of it, and the circumstances in which it is carried out should not be discarded.

3.2.2.- Virus: DEKORA INNOVA accepts no liability for possible damage caused by a computer virus and does not guarantee the absence of computer virus.

3.2.3.- Technical malfunctions: DEKORA INNOVA is discharged from any liability arising from the malfunctioning of the Site or any of its services originating from any accidental circumstance, force majeure, necessary maintenance work or any other cause not attributed to it.